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Are you feeling stuck in life?

Do you crave a clear vision for your future?

Are fears holding you back from living the life you desire?

Want to learn how to handle stress and build resilience?
Want to ignite your inner drive and motivation?


Then this 7-day challenge is for you.
Join us to gain the clarity you need to unlock your true potential.

And win incredible prizes and tools each day!

Starting Thursday, 

November 2nd - November 9th, 2023

 Live Daily: ////MST 

Sign up here to participate for incredible prizes!

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What's in it for You:

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Presented by Tina Jett.
Transformational life coach.

a little info about you and yor certifications

What to Expect:

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence:
Learn how to harness the power of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in your daily life, guided by the principles of our Stanford University Master’s degree program.

Prizes Await:
Daily prizes will be awarded to passionate participants who complete each day's challenge.
The grand prize winner will be announced on [date]. Will it be you?

How it works...

       Each Day for 7 Days in a Row (Starting Wednesday, September 7th - 13th)

You will tune in each day Live at pm EST for your daily guided 15 minute mindset tool.

*this will be recorded if you miss*


Each day one passionate player will be awarded a gift.

In order to be chosen, you must have completed that days Challenge and posted proof in our FB group within 24 hours.


The final tool will end with a private coaching call with Tina our Catalyst specialist to take your Life and Health to the next Level.


Those that participate consistently will be entered to win the grand prize of... 


8 weeks claraty catalyst program (Value at $1500) for free!


I want to join the One Week Unlock Your True Potential Challenge.

Starting Thursday, November

2nd - November 9th, 2023

Live Daily: 8 - 8:15 pm MST

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Sign up here to participate for incredible prizes!

Thanks for submitting!

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