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Are you ready to break through your glass ceiling and unleash your true potential?

Ignite Your Inner Brilliance and Embrace Your Authentic Self


Are you seeking clarity, purpose, and the tools to ignite your inner brilliance?

Are you at a point where you wonder if this is as good as it gets? Do you sense that you're on the verge of something great, but you're not quite clear on your exact path? Have you longed to share your talents and gifts with the world but felt lost on how to do it effectively?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, you're not alone.

Introducing the 8-Week Clarity Catalyst Program

The Clarity Catalyst Program is designed for individuals like you, those who are ready to break free from limitations and step into their greatness.

Unlock Your Full Potential:

Imagine having the clarity, confidence, and tools to create the life you truly desire. This is your chance to invest in yourself, step into your power, and become the person you've always known you could be.

When we are younger we have big, bold dreams. What happens in life is we fall into the hamster wheel of raising kids, paying bills, and simply surviving. Life moves fast and we wake up one day and finally say, NO! 

This is not what I signed up for.

  This is not what I had imagined for myself.

I refuse to accept that this is as good as it gets.

Click the video down below to start your self discovery journey.

Learn more about the program  with this video.

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Have fun! 👋

 Act now to receive a 50% discount.

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Start date: October 13th, 3PM MST TIME

Or keep reading to learn about the program.


Developed based on a prestigious Stanford University master's degree program from 1979, the Clarity Catalyst Course is designed to cultivate creativity, authenticity, and self-expression

In this transformative 8-week self-discovery course, 

you will receive a blueprint to gain clarity on your identity and desires. Your clarity, self-confidence, awareness, sense of direction, and passion will expand exponentially.

 The Clarity Catalyst Experience.

Find your "flow" 

By pursuing your passions and getting paid for it, allowing you to leave your unfulfilling job.

Gain crystal-
clear vision 

And mission to make a positive impact on others and leave a meaningful footprint on this earth.

Ignite more passion

 And love in your life, feeling excited, sexy, loved, cherished, and honored.overall improvement in your well-being.

Belong to a community

Of like-minded individuals who also seek to elevate their lives, creating a sense of tribe and connection.

In this 8-week online and live program, you'll embark on a journey of transformation guided by a tribe of like-minded seekers and led by an experienced coach. You'll:

Awaken Your Calling: Gain clarity on your true purpose and what you truly desire.

Unleash Your Creativity: Tap into your well of creativity to share it powerfully with the world.

Rewrite and reprogram your limited mindset, freeing yourself from self-imposed beliefs

Conquer Fear: Overcome paralyzing fear and take action towards your dreams.

Connect with Your Tribe: Find a supportive community that lifts you higher.Embrace your power, authenticity, and confidence, creating abundance by sharing your unique contributions and gifts with the world.

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Embrace your power, authenticity, and confidence, creating abundance by sharing your unique contributions and gifts with the world.

 Act now to receive a 50% discount.

With the code  TRANSFORMATION 

Before $650 

After $325

Start date: October 13th, 3PM MST TIME


Over the span of 8 consecutive weeks, you will immerse yourself in an empowering experience. Each week, you'll gain access to practical mindfulness tools and potent emotional intelligence techniques that will propel your life towards unprecedented heights. Expect active engagement, steadfast accountability, and wholehearted participation in this transformative voyage.

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Program Breakdown

Each week, for 8 weeks in a row, you’ll receive practical mindfulness tools and powerful emotional intelligence techniques to catapult your life to the next level. 




We are all creative, even if you do not identify with being “creative” you are!
In this module you will….

  • Unearth what fields of fascination and creative passions get you into the FLOW so you can start getting clear about your calling

  • Implement The Clarity Catalyst Daily Practice Routine so that you can start receiving “daily downloads of intuitive wisdom” to help get clear about what your next best steps are

  • Experience how to move though life like an objective observer who does not take anything personally so you are freed up to be more creative



We were all born knowing that we are perfect, whole, and complete. Then something happened…something called life.
In this module you will….

  • Do a deep dive into your subconscious mind to see what limiting beliefs still lurk there so that you can rewire and reprogram them to get unstuck.

  • Meet your suffering mind persona so that you can slay it once and for all.=

  • Learn how to stop judging yourself and beating yourself up so that you can thrive and soar.



Most of us spend our time worrying about the future and regretting the past instead of being in the present moment where peace lives.
In this module you will….

  • Discover ways to add mindfulness activities to your everyday living so that you are more connected to yourself and your life.

  • Learn tools to create deeper relationships and less conflict by learning how to communicate consciously.

  • Master your mind to stay in the present moment so that you can manage fear and anxiety and stop obsessive thinking, which will clear the way to think more creatively.



YOU. ALWAYS. KNOW. Science has shown that our intuition is mistake free.
In this module you will….

  • Discover practical tools to help you at any crossroad to make the right choice, shunning self-doubt or fear, so you can feel confident about your life direction.

  • Learn The Clarity Catalyst Question Inquiry which will unlock the answers you already have within as to what the best next steps are for you on your journey to greatness.

  • Unearth the well of wisdom that lies within by using the Yes or No method, which will help you make hard decisions in a flip of a coin.




Every single one of us has been put on this great earth for a reason.  We all have gifts to share.
In this module you will….

  • Take different personality assessments to get clear on your life purpose.

  • Create your life purpose mission statement so you can begin to take action on it.

  • Learn what your most valued qualities are so they can be used as a compass to guide you to purposeful work that will have meaning and fulfillment.



This is not your typical time/stress management approach!
In this module you will….

  • Learn a quantum time management system to effortlessly get the things that are stressing you out off your plate of life so you have more room for creativity and joy.

  • Discover how to overcome procrastination so that you can launch your dreams and visions without self-sabotaging them time and again.

  • Get a HUGE task you have been procrastinating about resolved so you will feel a big wave of relief.



Relationships cause us the greatest joys and the biggest challenges.
In this module you will….

  • Discover the Art of Self Love and how to cultivate a juicy relationship with YOU which will help you thrive in relationships with others.

  • Awaken to the gifts and life lessons the challenging people in your life have brought you in order to grow.

  • Learn how to let go of past hurts in relationships so you can move on and soar.



Money is only energy.
In this module you will….

  • Get clear on your money personality and understand your relationship to money so you can effortlessly shift it.

  • Develop an abundance mindset that magnetically attracts wealth to you.

  • Discover the hidden subconscious beliefs you hold about money and reprogram them.

Limited Spots Available:

This is your opportunity to secure your spot and embark on a journey of transformation.

 Act now to receive a 50%discount.

With the code  TRANSFORMATION 

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Imagine having the clarity, confidence, and tools to create the life you truly desire. This is your chance to invest in yourself, step into your power, and become the person you've always known you could be.

Secure your spot now to embark on your new journey with Life Wire. Your transformation begins now.

Ready to live a life of authenticity, purpose, and growth? Join us today and unleash your true potential.

Before $650

After $325

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